Hospital in Wejherowo has its Parent Zone!

On 21 October 2020, the Florian Ceynowa Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo received a comfortable area for play and relaxation for its youngest patients and their carers. It was created as part of a social programme run since 2013. Its aim is to improve the comfort and speed up the recuperation of children staying in paediatric wards in Polish hospitals. To ensure compliance with all precautionary and safety measures, the zone was opened remotely, without the presence of journalists or guests.

Budimex distinguished in "The Best Annual Report 2019" competition

Budimex was awarded a distinction in the prestigious competition "The Best Annual Report 2019" for the best corporate governance statement in a company. The competition is organised for listed companies by the Institute of Accounting and Taxes.

Budimex among the highest-rated subcontractors in the building and construction industry

Budimex is one of the highest-rated subcontractors in the building and construction industry in this country. A recent study confirms it, carried out by the ASM market research and analysis centre in over 300 companies.

Budimex among the top 25 largest taxpayers in Poland

Since 2017 Budimex has moved from 61st to 25th place on the list of the largest individual CIT payers in Poland. This Polish construction company is the largest tax payer among construction companies operating on the market. According to the CIT ranking published by the Ministry of Finance in September this year, Budimex generated PLN 123 million in CIT for the previous year.

October 5, 2020 Safety Week 2020
Safety Week 2020

"Safety Week" starts today on our construction sites.

Railway station in Białystok open for travellers

Budimex has completed the renovation and upgrading of the PKP S.A. railway station in Białystok. The station reopened for travellers on 1 October 2020.

October 1, 2020 Hello ICE Reflector Day
Hello ICE Reflector Day

Poland has the highest number of pedestrians deaths – our country still leads in the infamous EU statistics. On the occasion of Reflector Day, we would like to remind you of the importance of the road traffic regulations and the good visibility of pedestrians on the road.

Three projects of Budimex won 2019 construction Oscars

BUDIMEX SA was the first-degree prize-winner in as many as three categories in the “Construction of 2019” competition. In a jubilee, thirtieth edition of the prestigious ranking, the BIG office building in Kraków was awarded in the category of “Office facilities” together with the Education and Recreation Centre in Marki (“Cultural, scientific and education facility”) and Arena Jaskółka Tarnów - Sports and Recreation Venue in Tarnów (“Individually assessed facilities”).

3D zebra crossing painted in Bartoszyce!

The objective of the Hello ICE programme is to educate the youngest of road users about safe behaviour on the road. Several notable locations in Bartoszyce were indicated on the map of dangerous spots located near school facilities, which was made available by Budimex on the programme page. The Hello ICE team contacted city authorities who expressed their interest in the project – they jointly took care of all the necessary permits, confirmed the location, and since September residents have benefitted from a safe 3D zebra crossing.

Beginning the new school year with Hello ICE

Today begins the new school year and children, longing for their peers, return to schools and kindergartens after almost a half-year break. For the Hello ICE programme, it's time for new tasks, a chance to meet students and pre-schoolers and, above all, road safety education for youngsters.

Transport Centre in Kielce put into use

On 27 August 2020, after 24 months from signing the contract, the construction of the Transport Centre in Kielce was officially completed and put into use. The investor in the modernisation and reconstruction of the characteristic Bus Station at 12 Czarnowska Street is the City Transport Authority.

Budimex at EEC Poland in Katowice 2-4 September 2020

Budimex SA is a partner of the European Economic Congress in Katowice. Representatives of the Management Board of Budimex SA will be available during the Congress at these events among others.

Halfway through the construction of the S61 expressway at Wysokie - Raczki section

The progress of works on the S61 expressway at Wysokie - Raczki section is currently at about 50%. Budimex is the general contractor for this project.

The Supervisory Board of Mostostal Kraków SA appointed Jacek Lech as the President of the Management Board

Jacek Lech is a graduate of the Częstochowa University of Technology in Management and Production Engineering. He also completed international development programs - Global Management Program in London and International Management Development Program in Barcelona.

Construction of the Ornowo - Wirwajdy section on the S5 expressway is underway

Budimex begins the construction of the S5 expressway on the Ornowo - Wirwajdy section in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship. The symbolic groundbreaking ceremony took place on 29 July 2020. The net value of the contract with the Olsztyn branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways amounts to PLN 165.6 million.

Results of the Budimex Group after the first half of 2020

Financial results of the Budimex Group for the first half of 2020.

- Market situation

- The results of the Budimex Group

- Cash situation of the Budimex Group

- segment of the construction result of the Budimex Group

- Results of the development segment of the Budimex Group:

- Results of the service segment of the Budimex Group

- The nearest quarters from the perspective of the Budimex Group.

The LCS Idzikowice retrofit project on CMK completed before schedule

In June 2020 and two weeks before the contractual deadline, the final inspection of the Idzikowice Station retrofit project was completed, revealing zero defects. The project contract was delivered by a consortium of Budimex and KZA Lublin for 106 million PLN and a work launch date in February 2018. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe (PKP PLK) is the project owner.

Budimex will test the innovative BIMERR project in Warsaw’s Praga district

BIMERR is a project to expand the BIM functionality with tools which support the energy renovation process of residential buildings. BIMERR is an international project financed with EU funds under the Horizon 2020 programme. An innovation on a European scale, BIMERR is now entering the test stage managed by Budimex in cooperation with Warsaw City Council and ZGN (Property Management Authority) of Warsaw. The first tests of energy efficiency and energy retrofit scenarios based on BIMERR technologies will begin as early as in July, in a building in Warsaw’s Praga district.

Budimex and KZN to build a service depot in Krakow for Koleje Małopolskie

The consortium of Budimex and KZN Rail signed a contract with Koleje Małopolskie, a railway operator, to build and outfit a rolling stock service depot in Krakow. It will be a Design and Build project. The project is scheduled for completion in 18 months from contracting.

Budimex signs contract for redevelopment of Warsaw West station

On 7 July 2020, Budimex signed a contract for two projects: the redevelopment of the Warsaw West railway station and the construction of an underground tram stop. The tasks are to be carried out under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 5.1–13 and 6.1–22. This is the largest modernization of a railway junction under the National Railway Programme up until the end of 2020.