Budimex signs a contract for the construction of the S17 Piaski - Hrebenne expressway

Budimex signed a contract with the Lublin branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways for the design and construction of the S17 Tomaszów Lubelski - Hrebenne section.

Budimex starts work on the construction of the D1/D4 motorway junction in Slovakia

On Monday 28 November 2022, Slovak road authority ‘Národná diaľničná spoločnost' (NDS) and Budimex SA signed a contract for the construction of the 3.6 km long D1 Bratislava-Triblavina motorway. Preparatory work for the construction begins on 1 December 2022. This is Budimex's first investment contract in Slovakia and the fourth one in foreign markets (the other three take place in Germany).

Budimex starts work on the construction of a new terminal for Baltic Hub

On 28 November 2022, Baltic Hub (formerly DCT Gdańsk), the operator of the largest container terminal on the Baltic Sea, officially launched the construction of a third deep-water T3 terminal. After being completed in the second quarter of 2025, the new terminal will have a quay wall with the length of 717 metres and depth of 17.5 metres.

Laying the cornerstone for the construction of a sports and entertainment hall in Ziębice

On Thursday, 24 November, there was a celebration of laying the cornerstone for the construction of a sports and entertainment hall in Ziębice. The investment is to enable sports competitions in such disciplines as volleyball, basketball and handball. In addition, the hall will be used for training purposes, and for organising concerts and other artistic events.

Parent Zone in the Voivodeship Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz is open!

As part of the ‘Parent Zone. Budimex for Kids’ (pl. Strefa Rodzica, Budimex Dzieciom) programme, another space for the youngest patients has been created. A playground was renovated at the Józef Brudziński Voivodeship Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz, which will make recovery time more pleasant for the small patients and will speed up the recovery process.

Budimex commences construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road

On 24 November, the opening of the construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Area Ring Road took place. Budimex commences earthworks on the main line of the new route. Earlier, the company performed felling, archaeological, geodetic and preparatory work. The contract, worth over PLN 581 million net, will be completed by the general contractor within 38 months of signing the contract, excluding winter periods, i.e. by March 2025.

Budimex Group advanced in Top Brand 2022 ranking.

Once again, Budimex has acquired the title of the strongest brand in the category of construction companies in the Top Brand 2022 ranking. At the same time, it took 66th place in the classification of 500 brands, being ahead of, among others, Nike, T-Mobile and Volvo. Compared to the previous year, Budimex moved up two positions in the list. 

The signing of the contract for the execution of the building of the Military Clinical Hospital in Krakow

On 8 November, Budimex signed a contract with the Ordering Party – the No.5 Military Clinical Hospital and Polyclinic in Krakow – for the construction of a hospital building for the needs of an operating room, hospital wards, diagnostic and laboratory facilities and rehabilitation, together with the delivery of equipment.

Budimex has started the construction of the Oświęcim bypass

On 07.11.2022, the first shovel went into the ground, and work began on the nine-kilometre-long bypass of Oświęcim being built by Budimex. The construction includes the construction of national road 44 – a high-speed trunk road constituting a bypass of Oświęcim connecting with the S1 Mysłowice – Bielsko-Biała expressway in the area of the Oświęcim junction.

Work progress at Ełk railway station nears the halfway point

After nine months of work, progress on the modernisation of Elk station has reached 40 per cent. On average, around 140 units of equipment and nearly 400 people work on the site every day.

Poland’s most beautiful bypass is open

Budimex has commissioned a six-kilometre-long Wałbrzych bypass. The bypass runs in the mountainous area of the Wałbrzyskie Mountains at around 500 metres above sea level and allows the city centre to be bypassed along national road No. 35 (Polish border – Wrocław). The investors are: The city of Wałbrzych and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways Branch in Wrocław. The investment is co-financed with European Union funds.

Rumia Janowo intermodal junction ready ahead of schedule

On 26 October – one month ahead of the contractual deadline – Budimex completed and commissioned the Rumia Janowo intermodal junction in the Pomorskie Voivodeship. The investor was the city government. The opening of the junction brought together several hundred residents and the authorities of the Wejherowo Poviat, the local government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, with Marshal Mieczysław Struk.

Commentary by Artur Popko, President of the Management Board of Budimex SA, on the Budimex Group’s financial data for the first three quarters of 2022

The Budimex Group generated an operating profit of PLN 417 million with a profitability of 6.5%, whereas in the first quarter of this year, the operating profitability reached 3.6%, and in the second and third quarters, it reached 7.4% and 7.7%, respectively.

Work progress at Czechowice-Dziedzice station

Work on the Czechowice-Dziedzice railway station is progressing. Budimex's current work under the contract includes the construction of platform 2, the construction of four main tracks, four additional tracks and eight sidings on the north side of the station. Construction of a set of departure tracks is also underway on the east and west sides. The advancement of the overall work is already at 77%. The works are progressing according to the schedule.

Modernization of Toruń’s eastern railway station begins

Budimex signed a contract with PKP S.A. to implement the Investment: "Reconstruction of Toruń Wschodni (east) railway station." The project is to be implemented within the framework of the investment task: "Upgrading railway line no. 353 on the Toruń Główny (main station) – Toruń Wschodni section along with the station infrastructure and the construction of new railway halts in Toruń – BiT City II".

S17 Zamość Wschód - Zamość Południe. Budimex signed a contract with GDDKiA for the design and construction of roads

On 14 October, a contract was concluded between Budimex S.A. and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Lublin Branch, for the design and construction of the S17 Piaski-Hrebenne Expressway, Section 6: Zamość Wschód junction – Zamość Południe junction with a length of approximately 12.4 km. The contract was signed by Artur Popko – President of Budimex, and Mirosław Czech – Director of GDDKiA, Branch in Lublin, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets – Jacek Sasin, Minister of Infrastructure – Andrzej Adamczyk and Director of GDDKiA – Tomasz Żuchowski.

Conference with Ukrainian businesses and administrations on cooperation

On 5 October 2022, a conference on economic cooperation between Poland and Ukraine in the context of rebuilding the country after the war with Russia was held under the name Europe-Poland-Ukraine. Rebuild Together. Around 500 guests participated in the talks.

Permission for the Tri-City Metropolitan Ring Road

On 3 October, Pomeranian Voivode Dariusz Drelich handed over to the developer - the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways Branch in Gdańsk - the ZRiD (Permission for the implementation of a road building project), allowing the start of the Design and Build formula for the Tri-City Metropolitan Ring Road (OMT). The decision was received by Kinga Gierlach – Director of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Gdańsk, in the presence of Marcin Horała – Secretary of State at the Ministry of Funds and Regional Development.

Seven construction Oscars for 2021 for Budimex

Investments for which Budimex was the general contractor won as many as seven awards in the "Construction of the Year 2021" competition, commonly known as the construction Oscars. The Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians awarded the best, in terms of engineering, construction sites in Poland completed in 2021.

Budimex recognised for its sustainable development

On 21 September, Budimex was honoured with the Award of the Year by the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs – Sustainable Development Leader. The award was received on behalf of the company by Artur Popko – President of Budimex SA.