Transport Centre in Kielce put into use

News date: August 27, 2020
Transport Centre in Kielce put into use

On 27 August 2020, after 24 months from signing the contract, the construction of the Transport Centre in Kielce was officially completed and put into use. The investor in the modernisation and reconstruction of the characteristic Bus Station at 12 Czarnowska Street is the City Transport Authority.


Budimex has completed works on the construction of the Transport Centre in Kielce. The modern and functional junction will serve public transport carriers, buses, long-distance and international buses. The object will also serve as a centre for meetings, cultural and entertainment events.


- We are glad that we have completed another important infrastructural investment, which will contribute to increasing the comfort of travellers. As always, we took care of high level of project quality and we did it with attention to every detail - says Dariusz Blocher, President of the Management Board, CEO of Budimex. – The object itself has become unique on a global scale. It is worth emphasising that the station has retained its original and unique character - explains Barbara Damian, Director of City Transport Authority in Kielce.


Historical station

Preserving the original appearance of the station was the main task of the general contractor, who was responsible for the renovation of the building, while maintaining its characteristic saucer-like shape. Budimex took care of historical details - the inscription “dworzec” (station) and several elements of skylights were reproduced and placed in their original place. The original elements were donated to the Museum “Polska na Kołach” in Busko-Zdrój.


The project also included demolition, reconstruction of the passenger information system and reconstruction of the existing platforms. - More than 105 km of cables and wires were laid in the entire complex, as well as about 2,700 luminaires, which are controlled according to the needs of passengers, time of day or passenger traffic intensity. – says Grzegorz Tomporowski, Site Manager of Transport Centre in Kielce. – One of the most modern solutions are electrochromic tinted windows incorporated into the building facades, each with an area of about 9 square metres. They were imported from the United States, and their software comes from a Swiss technology company – adds Grzegorz Tomporowski.


On average, over 100 people worked every day during the construction of the Centre, and over 180 subcontractors were involved in the project. Finishing works have been carried out in recent months - decorative elements have been installed on the canopies of all levels of the bus station, floors and small architectural objects were placed inside the station and on the square in front of the building. The useable floor area is 3,577 m2.


- Barriers have been eliminated in the building of the new station and disabled-friendly spaces have been created. The object has been equipped with wheelchair ramps, lifts and passenger information in the form of graphic, sound and tactile messages. All these improvements are intended to stimulate the mobility of people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility so that they could use the transport infrastructure to the same extent as able-bodied people do – explains Barbara Damian, Director of City Transport Authority in Kielce.


Virtual reality

A multimedia library – the so-called VR ZONE – was also created on the premises of the Transport Centre, which was equipped with 9 stands with appropriately configured devices, including game consoles. The attractions can be used by all passengers of the station. In addition, travellers can use the Media Library, which is a branch of the Municipal Public Library in Kielce. The multimedia library is the most modern facility of its kind in the region. The Transport Centre is a key investment for the city, which will significantly contribute to a better flow of passenger traffic.