The Biskupia Górka viaduct is ready in Gdańsk

On 29 January (Friday) Budimex will hand over the second part of the Biskupia Górka viaduct, in the centre of Gdańsk. This means that the vehicle and pedestrian traffic will meet the target arrangement, i.e. along two lanes in each direction. Works on the left road included the demolition of the existing viaduct and the construction of a new one, as well as the reconstruction of the road and the accompanying sector infrastructure.

Construction underway of the Vistula Collector in Warsaw

On Monday, 18 January, the shield of the AVM Barbara used to create the MPWiK collector broke through into the receiving chamber located behind Toruńska Route (ul. Armii Krajowej).

Pre-sales and sales of apartments in the 4th quarter of 2020

Pre-sales and sales of apartments in the 4th quarter of 2020

Oleśnica Bypass Construction Under Way

Construction work by Budimex continues on the eastern bypass of Oleśnica in the Dolnośląskie Province. Winter is not yet over, but the construction remains on schedule, and the 3.5 km long 451 provincial road will be commissioned for operation in the fourth quarter of 2021.

A1 Motorway Free From Bottlenecks, With Two Lanes In Each Direction

On 29 and 30 December 2020, as part of constructing the Tuszyn-Piotrków A1 motorway, Budimex opened two key road junctions: Piotrków Zachód (linking the A1 to the S8 expressway) and Piotrków Południe (the ‘largest European roundabout’).

Gdynia Port Railway Junction Already 30% Modernised

The modernising of the Gdynia Port Railway Junction continues. Budimex is implementing the “Improvement of railway access to the Port of Gdynia” project commissioned by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. Acting as the general contractor, Budimex has already completed more than 30% of all contracted work. The primary objective of the construction project is to improve the throughput of this strategic railway junction and increase the volume of the cargo. The project is worth 1.5 BPLN and financed by CEF (Connecting Europe Facility).

First synchronisation test of the new power unit at Elektrownia Turów

The final implementation stage began for construction of the new 496 MW power unit at the Elektrownia Turów power plant, owned by PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna (PGE GiEK). The power unit was synchronized for the first time with KSE (National Power Grid) at 15:36 on 21 December 2020. This initiated the adjustment and optimisation run of the processing systems, as well as the generation of electrical power by the new unit. The General Contractor of this project is a consortium of Mitsubishi Power Europe, Tecnicas Reunidas, and Budimex.

Budimex to Build the Metropolitan Station in Lublin

On 18 December 2020 Budimex signed a contract as the General Contractor with Zarząd Dróg i Mostów (Road and Bridge Authority) and Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (Mass City Transit Authority) in Lublin for the construction of Zintegrowane Centrum Komunikacyjne (ZCK — Integrated Transport Hub). The Budimex bid won by offering the best value in the tender completed in October 2020.

Budimex Signs Contract To Build Smolajny Bypass

On 17 December 2020 Budimex signed a contract with the Olsztyn Office of GDDKiA to build the bypass for the town of Smolajny on the DK51 national road. Worth nearly 26 million PLN, with Budimex as the general contractor, the contract will be implemented in 16 months, winter months not included.

Upgrade of DK12 in Chełm Ahead of Schedule

The alteration and upgrading of the DK 12 national road in Chełm is being carried out by Budimex and is 65% complete. One half of the road already has new pavement installed.

Budimex Signs Contract For Construction Of The S19 Via Carpathia Section In Podlasie

On 9 December 2020 Budimex signed a contract with the Białystok Office of GDDKiA for the design and construction of the S19 expressway section between the Białystok Zachód junction (excluding the junction) and the Białystok Księżyno junction. The net value of the contract is 469.1 million PLN.

Budimex Begins Construction Of New Vistula Sewer Main In Warsaw

MPWiK of Warsaw and Budimex have launched construction of the Vistula Sewer Main. The tunnel boring machine to be used to build the longest section will begin from Wybrzeże Gdyńskie Street. The whole sewer will be 9.5 km long, with 5.5 km to be built during the current project stage.

Construction of a temporary hospital in Białystok competed ahead of time

Budimex has completed assembly works in the temporary hospital in Białystok with almost 100 beds. The Acceptance Report was signed on 25 November. The project involved the adaptation of rooms in the Sports Hall of the Medical University of Białystok to make them fit for activities aimed at counteracting COVID-19.

The strategic investor of Budimex donated PLN 875,000 to the Polish Red Cross to fight the pandemic

Ferrovial, the strategic investor of Budimex, donated PLN 875,000 to the Polish Red Cross. Together with the general contractor, they donated PLN 4 million to the fight against the coronavirus.

Home from the Heart is finished

The construction of a house for Magda and her family from Wierzbica near Radomsko has been completed. The foundation was poured on 29 October and the construction of the house started two months later. Now the body of the house is ready!

November 19, 2020 Wałbrzych beltway progress
Wałbrzych beltway progress

Budimex has completed 65% of construction works on the Wałbrzych beltway. About 350 workers and 170 equipment units work on the construction site every day to complete earthworks, surfacing works, paving works, storm water drainage and road lighting.

Budimex for nature: 20 nest boxes for birds in Lublin

20 wooden boxes for birds were installed in Park Ludowy, which is being reconstructed by Budimex. Nest boxes were made by children from Siemacha Association, whose partner is Budimex. The protection of the natural environment is one of many eco-friendly actions taken by Budimex as part of its CSR strategy.

Fall in the number of accidents and victims on construction sites in Poland

A report of the Agreement for Construction Safety (Porozumienie dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie) shows that in the 10 years of this organisation’s activity, the number of people injured in accidents on construction sites in Poland fell almost by half, from 8684 to 4743. Today, four times fewer fatal accidents per 100 thousand employees are reported in the construction industry as compared to a decade ago. It is much to the credit of the association of the largest construction companies in Poland, which work to improve occupational safety.

October 30, 2020 House for 16-member family
House for 16-member family

Budimex has worked together with other companies from Poland to construct, equip and hand over a house for Magda’s 16-member family from Radomsko. Help from the depths of the heart.

Financial results of Budimex Group after three quarters of 2020

After three quarters of 2020, Budimex has achieved higher sales and better profitability. A stable order book allows for a fully efficient use of resources. The concluded road and railway contracts will make it possible to maintain a stable order book in the engineering area for at least over ten months.