About Budimex

Extensive experience, knowledge, skilled personnel and projects distinguished by the highest quality are the essential strengths of Budimex.

Budimex Group is one of the largest construction groups operating in Poland. It has also been recognised and respected abroad for many years now. The origins of our business date back to 1968, when the Centrala Handlu Zagranicznego Budownictwa Budimex (Budimex Construction Industry Foreign Trade Centre) was established.


Currently, Budimex, as an infrastructure and service enterprise, focuses on the Polish market. As a general contractor, we offer services in the infrastructure sector, including: roads, railway, airports, commercial buildings, energy, industry and ecology. We are gradually increasing our involvement in the facility management (servicing real estate and infrastructure facilities) and waste management sector.
Our company owes each success to the people who form it. With our highly qualified personnel, we are able to offer services perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers. We are a reliable and professional company which executes contracts on the basis of international management standards.

Our operations are driven by the concept of sustainable development. We are committed to integrating corporate social responsibility into all the business processes at Budimex. Our goal is also for CSR to become an element of the company’s business strategy.


Since 1995, Budimex has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2011, it has been a part of the RESPECT index, which includes the most responsible listed companies. The strong market position of Budimex is further demonstrated and reinforced by the purchase of the company’s shares by one of the largest construction companies in the world – Ferrovial from Spain. Since 2000, this Spanish company has been acting as our strategic investor, holding the controlling stake in Budimex. Ferrovial’s potential, its market position and know-how support our competitive advantage.
Budimex Group employs almost 5,000 employees and cooperates annually with 12,000 business partners, completing over 100 contracts a year.

Interesting facts about Budimex

We have built the largest extradosed bridge (a structure with elements of a cable-stayed bridge and beam bridge) in Europe.

From 1968 to 1977, we built over 4,000 km roads in Libya which constituted 13 percent of the country’s road network.

We built eighth largest church in Europe – Sanktuarium Maryjne in Licheń (Basilica of Our Lady in Licheń).

We are carrying out two original social schemes: “Hello ICE” and “Parent Zone”.

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