3D zebra crossing painted in Bartoszyce!

News date: September 7, 2020
3D zebra crossing painted in Bartoszyce!

The objective of the Hello ICE programme is to educate the youngest of road users about safe behaviour on the road. Several notable locations in Bartoszyce were indicated on the map of dangerous spots located near school facilities, which was made available by Budimex on the programme page. The Hello ICE team contacted city authorities who expressed their interest in the project – they jointly took care of all the necessary permits, confirmed the location, and since September residents have benefitted from a safe 3D zebra crossing.


Three-dimensional zebra crossings resemble an obstacle, thus encouraging drivers to slow down. This is not yet a widespread solution in Poland. The first zebra crossing of this type was painted in Lidzbark Warmiński on a cycle path. What is important is that the effect of the optical illusion has already passed its test in e.g. India and Iceland where drivers, noticing the 3D markings, slowed down and the speed of vehicles decreased by approximately 40%.


The action of painting zebra crossings has generated a huge interest among the city's inhabitants. They all feel honoured that their city, as the first one under our programme, was chosen for such an innovative solution. We strongly believe that it will improve pedestrian safety.


We will soon set off again on the same mission.