General construction ( more )
General construction

We are a construction company with a nationwide reach. We offer a full spectrum of general construction services, which constitutes one of the main areas of our business. The company’s potential enables us to carry out numerous projects simultaneously. We offer a range of services including general contracting of public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings as well as sports facilities. We provide comprehensive service at each stage of the construction process. We use our own technical office and suggest optimal technological solutions to our customers.


Our services are supplemented by Budimex Group companies: FBSerwis – a company offering comprehensive services in Facility Management, and Mostostal Kraków – a company specialising in constructing steel structures.

Infrastructure ( more )

We implement projects in: road construction, railway and airport infrastructure, and hydraulic construction in a timely manner, while maintaining high quality. Accurate valuation, close cooperation with the contracting party and good work organisation at each stage of investment project implementation help us to achieve this goal. In addition, we have our own fleet of equipment at our disposal as well as bitumen plants and a network of certified laboratories located throughout Poland.


FBSerwis owned by Budimex Group, which offers services related to the comprehensive maintenance of road infrastructure, rounds out our service offer.

Railway construction ( more )
Railway construction

Services related to the area of railway construction are of great importance in our offer. When implementing projects commissioned by investors, close cooperation with the ordering party and good organization of work at every stage of the investment implementation are important to us. In addition, we have our own equipment base, necessary to carry out railway contracts. Our projects include, among others, platforms, stations and railway lines.

Energy and industrial projects ( more )
Energy and industrial projects

Energy and industrial are key sectors for Budimex expansion. For many years now, we have been carrying out construction works within the scope of such projects. Depending on the scale, we offer implementation of projects both as a general contractor and also in consortia with leading companies from the power and industrial sectors.

Extensive experience in the Polish market, successful implementation of numerous projects and good relations with our customers allowed Budimex for establishing strong position and reliable brand.

Laboratory services ( more )
Laboratory services

Budimex has its own, extensive laboratory and technological facilities. This allows for the performance of efficient ongoing control of quality of construction works and follow-up analysis. We are accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation under number AB1414 (scope of accreditation, certificate).

Equipment services ( more )
Equipment services

Budimex has at its disposal highly qualified supervisory personnel and modern equipment for earth works, distributing mixtures, routing the pavement, piling and lifting works and professional flatbed transport.

Bituminous mixtures ( more )
Bituminous mixtures

Budimex SA owns a network of bituminous mass plants covering the entire territory of Poland