The LCS Idzikowice retrofit project on CMK completed before schedule

News date: July 13, 2020
The LCS Idzikowice retrofit project on CMK completed before schedule

In June 2020 and two weeks before the contractual deadline, the final inspection of the Idzikowice Station retrofit project was completed, revealing zero defects. The project contract was delivered by a consortium of Budimex and KZA Lublin for 106 million PLN and a work launch date in February 2018. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe (PKP PLK) is the project owner.


The completed work awaits certification and installation of ETCS Level 2 solutions by PKP PLK, to increase the maximum train speed to 250 kmph over the CMK (Central Trunk Line) section the Idzikowice Station retrofit project was completed on.

The project work was to upgrade the track and its drainage, the catenary system, the high-power systems, the train signalling and control devices, and the data communication systems. A command signal tower was built and a PKP PLK emergency maintenance hangar was expanded for the same project. The project was delivered in the Design and Build formula.


“The greatest challenge posed by the project contract was to complete the work on the schedule required by PKP PLK. The Contractor was expected to complete the trackwork and catenary system redevelopment, install computerized signalling and command equipment, and relocate the Idzikowice Station towerman’s office to the new tower without interrupting the railway traffic or the siding operations performed by Remtrak, PolRegio, IM Kraków, and PKP Energetyka,” Artur Popko, Budimex Vice-President COO said.


“Approximately 20 machines were working every day at the construction site, and the work didn’t stop for winter.”


The work was delivered under the project titled “Railway Line 4 Upgrade: Central Trunk Line Stage Two” (Modernizacja linii kolejowej nr 4 – Centralna Magistrala Kolejowa etap II), intended to retrofit one of the strategic Polish railway lines to the 250 kmph speed standard. To enable trains to run at this speed, the mainline tracks had 14 points installed with moving crossing vees, with 10 at R=1200 and 4 at R=500. A total of 44 new points were installed at the Idzikowice Station with 19.157 km of new tracks and 25 km of new catenary sections.


Budimex is now ranked in the top three of the largest general contractors for railway line upgrading projects in Poland. Last year, Budimex was awarded with railway projects for a total value of 3.2 billion PLN. Budimex is currently delivering several railway projects, including: LK17 Otwock to Lublin, Warszawa Zachodnia, E30 Trzebinia to Krzeszowice, LK139 – Czechowice – Dziedzice, redevelopment of the Gdynia Port Railway Junction, and E59 Wronki.