Beginning the new school year with Hello ICE

News date: September 1, 2020
Beginning the new school year with Hello ICE

Today begins the new school year and children, longing for their peers, return to schools and kindergartens after almost a half-year break. For the Hello ICE programme, it's time for new tasks, a chance to meet students and pre-schoolers and, above all, road safety education for youngsters.


Budimex has also created an interactive map of dangerous spots around schools and kindergartens, the objective of which is, in cooperation with local authorities, to develop ways to eliminate them as soon as possible. Ready-to-use lesson plans focused on the subject of safety are published on the website of the programme. There are also quizzes, which can be solved by children together with their teachers.


In 2019, a Safety Day was organised in schools and kindergartens under the Hello ICE programme, which was attended by more than 800 children. As part of the programme, the company distributed 1,400 reflective elements and ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact cards. The map of dangerous spots was marked with nearly 400 critical locations near educational facilities.


Hello ICE puts emphasis on road safety education from the earliest age. We believe that children learn more effectively through play, so the hero of our lessons and Safety Days is a tiger named Budi. Last year's edition clearly showed that both the goal and the selected tools proved successful. When the pandemic started, we didn't slow down the pace. We conducted our activities online and extended them to network security. In our activities we are supported by the ambassador of Hello ICE, Sebastian Mila, former Polish football representative,” stresses Katarzyna Wójcik, Communication Expert in Budimex SA.


This school year, Budimex will be continuously adapting its activities to epidemiological requirements. Safety Days will be organised in the open air or in the form of webinars. Budimex also plans to paint a 3D zebra crossing in the vicinity of three schools indicated on the programme map in order to increase the safety of children on their way to and from school.


Schools and kindergartens can continue to apply for this year's Hello ICE edition in order to win a Safety Day in their school and meet with the hero of the action, Budi the tiger.


The Hello ICE programme received the patronage of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Infrastructure.


Lesson plans, quizzes for children, and a map where you can mark a dangerous spot around a school or kindergarten can be found at www.helloice.pl.

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