Budimex and KZN to build a service depot in Krakow for Koleje Małopolskie

News date: July 8, 2020
Budimex and KZN to build a service depot in Krakow for Koleje Małopolskie

The consortium of Budimex and KZN Rail signed a contract with Koleje Małopolskie, a railway operator, to build and outfit a rolling stock service depot in Krakow. It will be a Design and Build project. The project is scheduled for completion in 18 months from contracting.


The site where the project will be delivered has been leased from the PKP Group for 30 years. The contract provides for the construction of a railway hangar sized approximately 36 m x 141 m on an area of 3.38 ha. The depot hangar will accommodate up to thirty 4 and 5-unit railway vehicles.

The depot hangar will have four areas for workshop and maintenance facilities, office rooms and staff amenities, storage, and a rail car wash. It will be provided with the necessary fixtures and plumbing, including water supply and drainage, central heating, and indoor air conditioning systems. An industrial wastewater treatment plant with an approximate capacity of 5 dm3/s will be built next to the rail car wash,


The project includes a retrofit of the local signalling and control system, power networks and telecommunication networks. KZN Rail will be tasked with the relocation of the whole trackwork, including 16 new points for streamlined circulation of trains on the whole siding on site.


Andrzej Adamczyk, Polish Minister of Infrastructure, stressed the importance of the project to the growth of commuter rail operations. While not visible to the regular commuter, a functional and modern service depot guarantees the operating reliability of railway vehicles and the high service quality of their operator.


It is the first project of Budimex for developing a service depot for a railway operator. However, Budimex has years of experience in the management of railway construction projects. Budimex completed a retrofit of LCS Kutno along an 18 km railway link from Żychlin to Barłogi and is currently redeveloping the Port Gdynia railway station, a project for 1.8 billion PLN. KZN Rail completed a project very similar to this one for Koleje Dolnośląskie, a railway operator. Budimex and KZN Rail boast an extensive portfolio of joint projects, like the ongoing construction of Trasa Łagiewnicka (a road link) and upgrading of the Nowa Huta Depot, where KZN Rail is the trackwork subcontractor for Budimex. Both companies have railway construction equipment and a dedicated team of engineers which allow timely completion of awarded projects with superior quality of deliverables.