German market

Budimex has been present on the German market, performing construction activities, since the early 1970s. Currently, the company provides subcontractor services for German enterprises in the area of:


  • manufacture of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements,
  • manufacture of prefabricated products for commercial and engineering building industry,
  • reinforcement works,
  • manufacture of steel structures (for power plants, construction of bridges, halls, containers, tanks and machinery).


Clients’ orders are carried out by highly qualified and experienced staff.


Business activities in Germany are supervised and coordinated by the following departments:


 Budimex SA
Export Department in Poznań
ul. Wołowska 92A
PL-60-167 Poznań
Tel. +48 61 8613269
Fax +48 61 8613289
Budimex SA
Export Department in Rzeszów
ul. Słowackiego 24
PL-35-060 Rzeszów
Tel. +48 17 8506850
Fax +48 17 8624004
Budimex SA
Export Department in Kraków
ul. Z. Miłkowskiego 3/702
PL-30-349 Kraków
Tel. +48 12 2640330
Fax +48 12 2640331


The export departments are supported by the branch in Köln:


Budimex SA
Zweigniederlassung Köln
Pferdmengesstr. 5
D-50968 Köln
Tel. +49 221 9370220
Fax +49 221 3761799