‘Internship is the measure of success’ - the new edition of the Budimex Academy Internship Programme begins

News date: March 1, 2023
‘Internship is the measure of success’ - the new edition of the Budimex Academy Internship Programme begins

Budimex - the largest Polish general contractor, inaugurates another refreshed edition of the 2023 student internship programme at the beginning of March with the slogan 'Internship is the measure of success'.


For 10 years, the company has been supporting the professional development of young people who wish to work in the construction industry. As part of that process, the Budimex Academy project includes paid internships. This programme runs until the end of September. Every year, the general contractor has 250 places for students from all over Poland. In addition to construction students, the Budimex Academy is also addressed to those looking for internships in such fields as HR, finance or IT. You can apply for the programme via the website: www.akademiabudimex.pl.


It’s time for the next edition of the Budimex Internship Programme. The general contractor offers students dreaming of a career in the construction industry such benefits as remuneration for internships, medical care, support of a dedicated supervisor, gaining valuable experience while working for the leader of the Polish construction market, as well as the possibility of permanent employment.


‘One of our biggest projects is the annual Internship Programme, which offers work experience to around 250 people in different areas of our organisation. Our goal is to pass on knowledge and familiarise these young people with the business and work on construction sites’, says Anna Karyś-Sosińska, Member of the Management Board, Director of the Human Resources Management Division at Budimex SA.


The website www.akademiabudimex.pl, has been completely revamped and given a new graphic design. Along with the story of the Interns, it has new elements such as a Q&A, a clock counting down the time until the start of the Internship, as well as a section with descriptions of offices and construction sites so that candidates can get to know the company better. The recruitment game, the result of which forms part of the candidate's assessment, has also changed - the application process has been shortened by reducing the game time. It now consists of 12 questions and is divided into two areas: construction and office.


‘A total of as many as 1,419 interns have worked in our organisation since 2014. Sometimes we are looking for 1-2 people for a particular department, but there are also large contracts, such as the Warszawa Zachodnia railway station or the Port of Gdynia, where the number of interns varies from 20 to 30 people’, adds Anna Karyś-Sosińska.


Would you like to take part in the recruitment for the Internship Programme at Budimex

To sign up, simply complete the form at www.akademiabudimex.pl and take part in an online game. Internships at Budimex are a proposal for all those who wish to start their professional careers under the supervision of experienced specialists and who want to learn more about the specifics of work in the construction industry.


Among those who have completed internships at Budimex is Justyna - Works Manager at Warszawa Zachodnia railway station. She encountered Budimex at university a few years ago and decided to apply for the Internship Programme. Year after year, she gained valuable experience on Budimex's railway contracts, and today she is a Works Manager supervising the reconstruction of Warszawa Zachodnia railway station. She specialises in the area of environmental engineering, in line with the field she studied. 


Another person who participated in the Internship Programme while studying was Kasia, who returned to Budimex after many years. Today she works in the IT Office in the role of Business and Systems Analyst. She develops systems, applications and IT solutions designed to meet the current needs of employees.


A perfect example of the fact that it is possible to develop at Budimex not only in the field of construction is the story of Arek, who started his career at the company with an internship in the HR department and today is a Communication Specialist. He is responsible for social media, internal communication, corporate videos and the functioning of the websites. You can read the story of Justyna, Kasia, Arek and other Budimex Academy Interns at www.akademiabudimex.pl