Artur Popko speaks at the EEC Trends conference

News date: February 7, 2023
Artur Popko speaks at the EEC Trends conference

The greatest threat to the Polish economy is the unavailability of part of the EU funds and inflation, said Artur Popko during the opening panel of the EEC Trends conference.


The president of Budimex, together with Zbigniew Jakubas (Multico), Brunon Bartkiewicz (ING Bank Śląski SA ), Paweł Borys (Polish Development Fund), Małgorzata Starczewska-Krzysztoszek (University of Warsaw) and Maciej Zieliński (Siemens Polska), discussed macroeconomic trends in the global and Polish economy.


‘At the same time, there are many global processes taking place, which present opportunities for the Polish construction industry. We can take advantage of many opportunities. One of them is the transfer by global concerns of a part of their investments from China to Europe, including Poland, a process known as reshoring,’ said Artur Popko.


The CEO of Budimex pointed out that in order to meet EU requirements, such as the 'Fit for 55' climate package, it would be necessary to involve private companies investing in the energy sector - in wind and photovoltaic farms on a larger scale than at present.


The panellists also devoted a lot of time to Ukraine's post-war development opportunities. Artur Popko also emphasised the need to start planning work in this regard right now.


We should, as a government, create a fund for planning investments for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Planning accounts for 2-3% of the cost of the entire investment. With the plans in place, we become an obvious participant in the building process in Ukraine. Without this, we may be left out,’ said Budimex's CEO.


Budimex was a partner of the EEC Trends conference. The conference brings together more than 1,300 representatives of government, private business, as well as financial and scientific institutions. Wirtualny Nowy Przemysł was the media sponsor of the event.