Aktuální report č. 67 / 2021

Datum: 13. září 2021 12:25

Contract 1B.5/1: Reconstruction of the bridge to ensure minimum clearance – Rail bridge at km 733.7 of the Regalica river in Szczecin – signing of the contract

The Management Board of Budimex SA announces that on 13 September 2021 the contract has been concluded between Budimex S.A and National Water Holding [Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne] – Regional Water Management Board in Szczecin, in the tender procedure for Contract 1B.5/1: Reconstruction of the bridge to provide a minimum clearance - the railway bridge at km 733.7 of the Regalica River in Szczecin.


The information that our bid was selected as the most advantageous one was published on 24 August 2021 in the current report No 62/2021.


Contract value: PLN 282,644,281.90 net 


Works commencement date: from signing the contract


Works completion date: 770 days, i.e. 26 months from the conclusion of the contract


Guarantee period: 5 years


Warranty period: 5 years


Advance payment: 15% of the Accepted Gross Contract Amount


Payment terms: 30 days from the day of delivery of a correctly issued VAT invoice to the Ordering Party by the



Bank performance bond: 9% of the Accepted Gross Contract Amount


Securing the fulfilment of environmental and social obligations: 1% of the Accepted Gross Contract amount


Essential terms of contract, specific for the contract: FIDIC and the World Bank procedures.


Maximum amount of contractual penalty paid by the Contractor: 10% of the Accepted Gross Contract amount


The Ordering Party reserves the right to seek damages under general applicable rules if the amount of loss sustained exceeds the amount of the stipulated penalty.


Other terms and conditions of the contract do not differ from the market standards.


The contract value exceeds the threshold of PLN 167,645 thousand net.


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