Aktuální report č. 33 / 2013

Datum: 30. dubna 2013

Modernisation of the sewage treatment plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki - a new contract for the Budimex SA and Cadagua SA consortium

The Management Board of Budimex SA announces that on 30 April 2013, the consortium of Budimex SA (leader: 50% share in the consortium) and Cadagua SA (partner: 50% in the consortium) signed a contract with the Water and Sewage Management Facilities in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, concerning "Modernisation of the Sewage Treatment Plant and Sewerage System Forming Part of the Agglomeration of Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Task no. 1.1, Task no. 1.2, Task no. 1.3.1a, Task no. 1.3.1b201D."

  • Net contract value: PLN 85,962,823.74
  • Commencement date: no later than 1 month from the date of signing the contract
  • Deadline: 36 months from the date of signing the contract
  • Guarantee period: 36 months
  • Financial terms and conditions:
    • Term of payment: 30 days from the delivery of the invoice to the Contracting Authority
    • Guarantee deposit: 10% of the gross offered price
  • Maximum penalties paid by the Contractor: 10% of the gross offered price. Additionally, penalties were reserved for any failure to meet the procedural guarantees.
  • The Contracting Authority may seek damages in excess of the amount of the stipulated liquidated damages.

The contract value exceeds 10% of the equity of Budimex SA.

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