Aktuální report č. 91 / 2011

Datum: 16. listopadu 2011

Acquisition of Przedsiębiorstwo Napraw Infrastruktury Sp. z o.o. – confirmation of effecting the payment

With reference to current report no. 91/2011 of 16 November 2011, the Management Board of Budimex SA reports that the company received a notification from Polskie Koleje Państwowe SA regarding acknowledgement, dated 16 November 2011, of bank account of PKP SA as a full purchase price of shares amounting to PLN 225 016 573.00 (two hundred twenty-five million sixteen thousand five hundred seventy-three). With reference to the above, any rights and obligations related to the ownership of 357 737 (three hundred fifty-seven thousand seven hundred thirty-seven) of shares of PKP SA in the company Przedsiębiorstwo Napraw infrastruktury Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, of the nominal value of PLN 500.00 (five hundred) each, are transferred to company Budimex SA with effect from 16 November 2011. (End of sale date)

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