Budimex získal ocenění „Dobrodinec roku 2019“ („Dobroczyńca Roku 2019“)

Budimex získal ocenění „Dobrodinec roku 2019“ („Dobroczyńca Roku 2019“)

Budimex has won the 22nd edition of the "Benefactor of the Year" competition in the "Education - Large Company" category. The Competition Jury awarded the company for the cooperation with the Trzy czte ry! foundation. As part of this cooperation, the first forest school in Poland, the “Puszczyk” Forest School, was opened near Białystok.


"Thanks to Budimex, we could fulfil our dreams„ prove that there is an alternative to the traditional school, and show that the teacher's role must be redefined. As labour market research shows, what we lack is not knowledge, but soft skills such as ability to cooperate, openness to changes, the ability to listen to other people's ideas, and assertiveness. These are the skills that we want to teach our children first." – said Agnieszka Kudraszow, the president of the foundation and the originator and the founder of the forest school, during the award giving ceremony.


In 2018, as part of the celebrations of its 50th anniversary, Budimex announced a competition for a social initiative, one which could significantly improve the quality of life for the local community. Nearly 250 proposals were submitted to the company by foundations, associations and social organisations, as well as grassroots initiatives - people who are entrepreneurial, creative and want to work for the common good. Though there were nearly 100 applications that met the criteria of the contest regulations, the jury decided that the project to create the infrastructure for the first forest school in Poland would be the most worthy winner.


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