Stavba roku 2013 - MCB

Stavba roku 2013 - MCB

The Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology situated in Krakow, in 7A Gronostajowa Street, was awarded 2nd prize in the Facilities of Modern Technologies category in the Construction of the Year 2013 contest.

The MCB is a research facility that enables research on the highest world level. Although the building offers a simple spatial solution, it is extremely complex in terms of technology. It consists of about 30 specialised laboratories, all in the GLP / GMP standards (Good Laboratory Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice).

These standards are appreciated in particular by the industrial circles. In Poland, this was one of the first investments where already at the design stage meeting the required standards was applied for. A unique virology lab, Animal Lab of Biosafety Level 3, two microbiological labs and a magnetic resonance imaging lab, a genetic testing and nutrigenomics lab, and a bioremediation lab as well as an X-ray lab are all found here. Each laboratory is equipped with individual ventilation and cooling systems as well as UPS systems that support work in the event of failure of electrical supply and access control. The building also uses solar installations, LED lighting etc. The Centre will enable the development of technologies related to, among others, the design of drugs, obtaining stem cells, tissue engineering, virology as well as in monitoring and diagnosis of diseases, biosynthesis of nanoparticles and contactless interface.

The footprint covers 1,610.00 m2, the floor area – 4,998.80 m2 and the cubic volume of the building – 23,890.00 m3.

All the work was carried out within 23 months.