Laboratory services

Budimex has its own, extensive laboratory and technological facilities. This allows for the performance of efficient ongoing control of quality of construction works and follow-up analysis. We are accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation under number AB1414 (scope of accreditation, certificate).

We collaborate with renowned research and scientific institutions. We participate on a regular basis in comparative laboratory and proficiency tests, bearing in mind the need to constantly improve research methods and, as a result, increase customer satisfaction. We approach each task with due care and commitment. Thanks to the above, we enjoy a reputation as a reliable and valued business partner on the market.


Currently, the company's laboratories are located in more than ten regions throughout Poland.

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Comprehensive laboratory services on construction sites. In-situ acceptance testing related to the performance of earth works, concrete works, asphalt works and ground engineering.

Our advantages

Competent and professional personnel

AB 1414 accreditation

Developed network of laboratories

Impartiality and independence in the testing-related procedures

Maintaining information confidentiality and compliance with ownership rights

Caring about quality, environment, occupational health and safety