Comprehensive laboratory services on construction sites. On-site acceptance testing related to the performance of earth works, concrete works, asphalt works and ground engineering, geological subsoil recognition, dynamic probing, rotary and percussion drilling.

Soil tests

  • tests and classification of mechanical properties of soil
  • designing and tests of mixes stabilised with binders and non-stabilised
  • tests of soil fitness for construction of embankments
  • preparation of reports


Aggregate tests

  • type tests
  • preparation of reports


Tests of mineral and asphalt mixes

  • test of mineral and asphalt mix components
  • optimisation and designing of mineral and asphalt mixes
  • type tests
  • tests of surface functional qualities
  • evenness tests with a surface analyser


Concrete tests

  • tests of concrete mix components
  • tests of durability properties and resistance of concrete
  • non-destructive tests of concrete


Below you will find a detailed test offer.

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