Budimex has its own extensive laboratory and technological facilities. It enables effective, ongoing quality control of construction works and as-built analysis. Our Central Laboratory is accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation with the number AB1414 (scope of accreditation, certificate). We cooperate with recognized research and scientific units.

Research offer

  • Surface diagnostics Technological and material consulting
  • Design and testing of asphalt mixtures
  • Design and testing of unbound and bound mixtures
  • Tests: asphalt binders, aggregates, soils, concretes, cements
  • Geological identification of subsoil, dynamic sounding, rotary and impact drilling


As part of our offer, we provide:

  • Measurement of pavement deflection using the Fast FWD
  • Dynamic deflection meter Examination of longitudinal and transverse evenness and macrotexture with the RSP
  • Laser profilograph Examination of rutting of asphalt mixtures in a large or small apparatus
  • Tests of fatigue life mma
  • Determination of the characteristics of air pores in hardened concrete
  • Frost resistance tests with the use of de-icing agents
  • Study of soil filtration with a constant hydraulic gradient
  • Research on physical parameters of soils in a cone penetrometer


Below you will find a detailed test offer