Waste Treatment Plant in Biechów

Description of the project

The works included civil engineering works, delivery and installation of machinery and equipment, including plant, pre-commissioning and process start-up of the waste sorting line and plant for intensive biological stabilisation in bioreactors, Employer’s staff training in the operation of the plant and obtaining the use permit.

The following facilities were constructed: mixed municipal waste receiving building, waste sorting station, recyclable and large-sized waste warehouse and recyclable waste receiving and segregation building. The total amount of waste incoming to the waste sorting station is approx. 40,000 tonnes per year, and the capacity of the municipal waste processing line is as follows: 

- 38,000 tonnes per year of mixed waste for mechanical biological treatment,
- 2,000 tonnes per year of selectively collected waste for final sorting on the sorting line (recyclables),
- 10,000 tonnes per year of debris for processing and storage
- 1,000 tonnes per year of green waste for composting,
- 500 tonnes per year of wood waste (cuttings, trimmings, bark etc.)


The works also included the construction of the following: plant for intensive biological stabilisation in bioreactors with a total capacity of 20,500 tonnes per year, pumping stations, rain water separator and process water settling tank, waste receiving and storage yards. Office and welfare buildings, transformer stations, weighbridge building, roads, yards and car parks were also constructed. Sewerage systems and electrical systems.


The works were carried out with an archaeological watching brief.

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Full name
Waste Treatment Plant in Biechów
Start date
March 2014
End date
February 2015
Przemysłowa 7a, 67-200 Głogów
Environmental protection
Disposal of waste
Głogowskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunalne – SITA Głogów Sp. z o.o.