CHP Siekierki

Description of the project

Budimex SA is implementing a project for PGNiG Termika SA that consists in the delivery and assembly of the denitrification plant and the modernisation of the flue gas desulphurisation plant for the K2 boiler at the CHP Siekierki.


The project is being implemented in consortium with the company Andritz AG from Austria.
The project, being implemented at the CHP Siekierki (K2 boiler), involves the modernization of flue gas desulphurisation plant based on the semi-dry method, and the delivery and assembly of flue gas denitrification plant, in which the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides (SCR) will be applied.
The works are executed within the area of the existing and operating facility, which entails difficulties such as limited access to the work performance sites, clashes with existing facilities and installations and the need to maintain the continuity of the operation of neighbouring installations of the CHP Siekierki.
The first phase of the project consisted in the Building Design preparation, and in July 2015, a valid building permit was obtained. At the turn of August and September 2015, the site was officially taken over from the Investor, and the construction and assembly works were commenced. They will last until August 2016 and after that start-ups and trial runs are planned. The date of commissioning the newly established plant is 13 January 2017.

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Full name
CHP Siekierki
Start date
August 2015
End date
in progress
Augustówka 30, 02-981 Warsaw
Energy projects
PGNiG Termika SA