Social Activities of Budimex Awarded by Responsible Business Forum

News date: April 19, 2021
 Social Activities of Budimex Awarded by Responsible Business Forum

Ten CSR initiatives of Budimex were recognised by the Responsible Business Forum and published in the report “Responsible Business in Poland 2020. Good practices.”


“Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” is the most important publication devoted to corporate social responsibility. It has been released by the Responsible Business Forum for the past 19 years. The report is an overview of the best CSR activities in Poland and it summarises the most important issues related to responsible business in a given year.


The electronic version of “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” is available on http://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/publikacje/raport-2020/.


The following of our activities in 2020 were recognised by the Responsible Business Forum:


Code of Ethics,” which was introduced by Budimex to prevent unethical conduct, including corruption, bribery and all forms of discrimination. It is also intended to enhance the cooperation among all the stakeholders of our company around the notion of sustainable growth.


Grant for Volunteering” – a project to support local communities in the regions where Budimex operates. The grants awarded in 2020 totalled more than PLN 100,000 PLN, 40,000 of which was assigned to projects under a special edition of the programme: ‘Volunteering to Fight COVID-19,”


Parent Zone” – Budimex organises special spots in hospital children’s wards for young patients and their parents to spend their time in a friendly environment and feel at home to forget about the difficulties of the illness and treatment for at least a moment. By 2020, Budimex had opened 34 Parent Zones, which are now used by nearly 700,000 children and their guardians.


Hello ICE” is a CSR intended to broaden the knowledge of pre-schoolers and the youngest primary school pupils (grades 1 to 3) on the safety of commuting to and from school and on the rules and methods of providing first aid, and to minimise hazards on the streets around schools. The pandemic hazard in 2020 forced us to move some of the programme’s activities online. Still, and with safety standards preserved, we managed to complete multiple activities, like the meet and greet for the children with Budi the Tiger (the programme’s mascot) during the 2020/2021 school year inauguration, or another session with the Tiger on the World High-Visibility Day. In 2020, Budimex launched a pilot campaign to improve children’s safety in pedestrian traffic, and created 3D-effect pedestrian crossing zebras in four locations (Bartoszyce, Lesznowola, Sanok, and Miechów).


House of Heart” – together with its partners, Budimex built and furnished a house for the sixteen-member family of Ms. Magda from near Radomsko. Its organisation was driven by media reports on the difficult situation of the family from Wierzbica. The court decided to take custody of eleven children away from their mother due to difficult living conditions. Thanks to the involvement of our partner companies, in March 2021 the family received a turnkey one-storey house with an area of over 200 m2 which was equipped with an Internet connection.


Budimex Fights COVID-19” – the Budimex Group donated nearly PLN 3 million to help hospitals, public institutions and care institutions as part of the “We are together. We help!” campaign. We have also become involved in the construction works to adjust four hospitals to admit patients with COVID-19. Furthermore, we joined the #niezwalniajmy initiative, which aims to protect jobs in Polish companies.


Summer Challenge” is a programme where Budimex encourages its employees to engage in physical activity, improve their immunity and take care of healthy diet after the lockdown caused by the pandemic. It included workshops on coping with stress, breathing or attention span. Additionally, for the three summer months our corporate blog featured exercise ideas, advice by physical therapists and dieticians, and inspiring articles.


The Big Four – Multigeneration World” is an educational project intended to present the diversity arising from encounters between generations. The purpose of the initiative is to outline the measurable benefits of knowledge sharing between employees representing various generations, build a feedback culture, raise awareness of the differences between generations, and improve the collaboration and communication between particular groups of employees.


Sure Success” – the first development programme at our company addressed to women. It is designed to support the participants in their professional growth and enhance their soft skills as well as their management competencies. In 2020, Budimex launched the 2nd edition of the project.


 “STAY STRONG – Mental Strength and Resilience” is a project where Budimex encouraged its employees to take care of their mental well-being. We have presented the practical abilities to build mental resilience in increased stress situations (mainly connected with the COVID-19 pandemic).