Ongoing commissioning and finishing works in the incineration plant in Białystok

News date: August 13, 2015
Ongoing commissioning and finishing works in the incineration plant in Białystok

Municipal Waste Disposal Plant in Białystok is an investment owing to which the amount of municipal waste that goes to the municipal landfill in nearby Hryniewicze will decrease from over 90% to approx. 12%. Annually, the new incineration plant will dispose of approx. 120 thousand tonnes of waste. Moreover, as a result of incineration of waste, electricity (8.6 MWe) and thermal energy (17.5 MWth) will be produced.
The contract, which includes the design and construction of the incineration plant worth PLN 332.9 million net, is going to be realised by Budimex (the leader, 50.4% of shares) in consortium with Keppel Seghers Belgium NV and Cespa Compania Espanola de Servicios Publicos Auxiliares SA. The investor is the Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Handlowo-Produkcyjne „LECH” company.
Currently in the incineration plant in Białystok there are ongoing commissioning and finishing works. Individual devices are being commissioned and checked. Pressure tests of pipelines are being conducted and the installation is being prepared to supply steam. Burning up of the boiler is on.
The contract for the design and construction of the incineration plant was signed on 31 August 2012. On 11 September 2013, the City Hall of the City of Białystok issued a building permit for Municipal Waste Disposal Plant. The completion date is scheduled for the end of December 2015.
The construction works include landscaping (administration and office building, roads, car parks, squares, grids, fences) and construction of a complete line of thermal treatment of municipal waste, which consists of:

  • a segment of entry and temporary storage of supplied municipal waste,
  • a segments of thermal treatment of waste through incineration and energy recovery from incinerated waste,
  • a segment of processing recovered energy and its transfer into the grids as heat and electricity,
  • a segment of exhaust aftertreatment,
  • a segment of slag processing along with the recovery of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
  • a segment of stabilising and solidifying ash and solid residues from exhaust aftertreatment.

Meanwhile, Budimex is also searching for other power supply-related contracts. The company participates in tenders for the construction of an exhaust aftertreatment system (for CHP Białystok, Dolna Odra – Pomorzany and for ZW Nowa), an incineration plant (in Rzeszów and Vilnius) and CC steam-gas units (in CHP Żerań, in Łagisza plant in Będzin and in Grudziądz). Budimex is also participating in a tender for the supply of turbines for PKN Orlen in Płock.
Due to the development of the company within this field, Budimex increases employment of professionals in the energy industry.