“Najwyższa Jakość Quality International 2015” certificate for Budimex

News date: May 13, 2015
“Najwyższa Jakość Quality International 2015” certificate for Budimex

Budimex was awarded a certificate and a golden emblem in the nationwide programme “Najwyższa Jakość [Highest Quality] Quality International 2015” in the QI services category. The programme was organised under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy, Polskie Forum ISO 9000 Club, European Organization For Quality and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The jury granted Budimex this title for the highest quality of construction and assembly works in the general contracting system.
“Najwyższa Jakość QI” is a project aimed at promoting effective quality management methods and identifying companies which represent the highest standards that guarantee the highest level of service provision.
The assessment criteria include information about the implemented management system and monitoring of its operation. Research and control potential of products and services is also evaluated, along with licences, patents, the scope of research works, the scope of trainings, forms and types of internal and external communication, monitoring of market requirements and consumer expectations.
For Budimex, this certificate is a confirmation of the highest quality management standards. It also symbolises recognition for the company’s clear quality policy in relation to the product and the management system.