Hello ICE supports parents while at home with children

News date: March 18, 2020
Hello ICE supports parents while at home with children

Quizzes, colouring books, puzzles and engaging activities - this is what parents are now looking for in order to make the time they spend at home with their children more interesting and useful. This makes it a good time to talk to children about safety rules. Ideas for creative educational games based on this topic can be found at the Hello ICE programme website, www.helloice.pl.


In the current situation in Poland, with all educational establishments closed due to the epidemiological threat, most parents wonder how to organize their children’s time for at least the next two weeks. We are also obliged not to leave our homes unless absolutely necessary, and this is a great opportunity to discuss with children the definition of civic attitudes, social responsibility and safety principles.


Making cookies together, art activities for kids and reading books are only some easy ideas for parents in the current situation. Budimex, the company running the Hello ICE programme, supports the much-hyped and widespread campaign #stayathome and gives parents a package of new ideas for spending the time effectively with their children. The games and other activities based on the topic of road safety are intended for those staying at home and using the Internet. Therefore, new activities were added to the Children's Zone (Strefa Dzieci) tab (https://www.helloice.pl/strefa-dzieci/) at the Hello ICE programme website – themed colouring books, quizzes, trivia and games for self-preparation to engage and teach the children. Colouring books draw the young children’s attention to specific road situations and show how to react correctly in an emergency. Interesting quizzes and games, dedicated to slightly older children, deepen the knowledge about road signs and their functions, emergency numbers and Internet safety rules.

Another idea: contests with prizes on the Hello ICE fanpage - the first one, a fine art category contest for children and parents, will start in a few days on the programme profile (https://www.facebook.com/HelloICEBudimex). You can't miss it! Visit the programme profile to stay up-to-date.


It is always important to look on the bright side of life. Let’s do the things we often miss in daily life, let’s get together and talk. It is without doubt a great idea to spend time together, have fun and learn with Budi Tiger and Hello ICE,” says Katarzyna Wójcik, Budimex SA Communication Expert.


The HELLO ICE programme operates under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of National Education. The programme is dedicated to children attending primary school classes I-III or kindergarten, and aims to broaden knowledge in the field of broadly understood safety, both road safety and Internet safety. The core of the campaign is an interactive map that can be used by everyone to mark a dangerous place on the road to or from school. During the first edition of the programme, nearly 300 dangerous points were marked near educational establishments throughout Poland! You can always add more dangerous points at https://www.helloice.pl/mapa-punktow-niebezpiecznych.html.