Hello ICE in Puławy

News date: September 26, 2019
Hello ICE in Puławy

128 dangerous points on the road to school were already submitted to the Hello ICE program! The very active involvement of students, teachers and parents across Poland shows that children’s road safety is extremely important. That is why the program implemented by Budimex is set to travel around Poland. The first stop is Primary School no. 2 in Puławy which Budi Tiger – the program’s mascot – visited on 26 September.


Last Thursday, the students from that school took part in the first Safety Day, as part of the new edition of Hello ICE, an educational and social program run by Budimex. The children had an opportunity to meet representatives of the police, fire department and paramedics who told them about the road safety rules and hazards that occur when those rules are not followed. Moreover, Budimex employees presented the children with the reality of everyday construction works and explained the rules for appropriate behaviour around railway crossings and tracks. However, the biggest star of the event was Budi Tiger, the Hello ICE program’s mascot, who helped the students cross the street near the school.


Of course, Budi could not miss giving out some gifts. The children received special ICE cards, reflective accessories and a big amount of knowledge that they could use in a test on safety. The teachers were handed the Safety Code for the school that will be hung in a visible place and certificates of participation in the program.


Hello ICE is an educational and social campaign run by Budimex. It aims to improve the children’s road safety and equips teachers with the tools necessary to professionally share knowledge on road safety with students. The core of the “Hello ICE” campaign is an interactive map of dangerous places that can be used by everyone to mark a dangerous place on the road to or from school. You can mark the dangerous points in your neighbourhood at www.helloice.pl

Hello ICE was awarded with the honorary patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of National Education.