Elocity and Budimex join forces, will deliver new charging stations for EVs

News date: May 13, 2022
Elocity and Budimex join forces, will deliver new charging stations for EVs

Electromobility in Poland is developing dynamically and more companies decide to join the pioneers of green transport. One of them is Budimex, which is now entering an industry that has been uncharted by it, but in the company of an experienced business partner, Elocity.


Budimex and Elocity will supply and manage new EV charging stations available in public locations. This is another area which Budimex braves, following its investments in RES and foreign markets.


Budimex is the largest construction corporate group in Poland. Years of experience, expert knowledge, highly qualified personnel and the superior quality of project implementation prompt the Budimex management to choose their business partners carefully. Therefore, when deciding to enter the electromobility sector that has been unknown to Budimex, it was looking for an experienced business partner.


“Electromobility is a natural direction for our development after our first investments in onshore wind farms. We have been studying the direction in which the electromobility industry is evolving for a long time now. We felt that now is the best time to establish a dedicated company to develop the business areas related to electromobility in our Group,” - says Cezary Łysenko, CEO of the Infrastructure Construction Division at Budimex.


“When looking for our partner, we reviewed the ranges of solutions from the leading providers of software for EV charging station infrastructure management and it was Elocity’s business model that we found to be the most suitable for our needs. What was also important was very good testimonials about Elocity from the operators and owners of EV charging stations. Elocity is a Polish company with great potential and positive feedback from equipment suppliers. They are an ideal business partner for our Group,” - notes Jakub Długoszek, CEO of the Northern Region Infrastructure Construction Division.


“Budimex is now communicating with dozens of local governments, developers, and project owners. We plan to deploy more than 100 EV charging stations in 24 months. We propose installation of finished EV charging stations with their servicing and system management at our cost. What our business partners have to do is just to provide the land for this deployment,” - adds Jakub Długoszek.


Elocity and Budimex. Closer to zero-emission transport one step at a time.


The agreement which has just been signed provides for Budimex to purchase a license for Elocity’s system to manage the EV charging stations and provide EV charging services to private customers. The public charging stations for EVs will be available via the Elocity app, which already covers more than 280 stations, and counting. The business partner of Budimex focuses on the management of EV charging stations operated by corporations which invest in electromobility. Thanks to Elocity’s technological solutions, its partners can immediately deploy the infrastructure without any additional resources.


“From the beginning we have set ourselves ambitious goals, by which we are now one of the leaders in electromobility in Poland. The intensive growth of our EV charger network has been possible thanks to investors and companies who trust our experience. The cooperation with Budimex is another big step, both for Elocity and for the ever-growing group of drivers who chose green, electricity-powered vehicles. The increasing interest of large investors in electromobility shows that it is high time to recognise the business potential of the industry,” - says Michał Baranowski, CEO of Elocity.


Cooperation between Elocity and Budimex. The right time to join the pioneers.


Both companies have high hopes for the cooperation and are focusing on long-term operations. The companies are united by openness, similar objectives, and a shared attitude towards the growth of zero-emission transport in Poland.

“We are very happy that Budimex will be among the companies building the electromobility market in Poland. We have been setting standards in the construction industry for years, and now it is time for new challenges. We see being part of the transport revolution not only as an honour, but also as our contribution to the protection of environment and fostering a positive change in the existing motor vehicle standards,” - says Jakub Długoszek.