Construction of Bełchatów ring road is underway

News date: April 29, 2015
Construction of Bełchatów ring road is underway

After four months from signing the contract, the progress of works on the construction of Bełchatów ring road is visible.  Tree logging was completed in February. Demolition works have been finished. Along the ring road under construction, technological roads have been created. Currently, parts of roads, fences and culverts are in demolition. Sanitary, rainwater, drainage, telecom and power overlaps are subsequently reconstructed. At nearly 3 of the ring road section the humus (rich soil layer) was removed. Earthworks have started consisting in excavations and preparing embankments. Here, the progress of works amounts to 10 and 20 percent respectively. Simultaneously, works relating to drainage and reinforcement of the road structure are underway. Access roads are under construction — on some sections the aggregate road base has already been layered. On regional roads (No 484 and 485), bypass roads are being developed where traffic will be detoured during works. 
Work progress is visible on the future bridge structures where supports, strip foundation and reinforcements are under construction.
Contract with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Łódź regarding the construction of Bełchatów ring road as part of the national road No 8 with the net value of PLN 119.4 million was signed on 31 December 2014.
The scope of the works includes:

  • construction of an eleven-kilometre-long ring road (GP class — main artery for fast-moving traffic) according to the 2+1 system (two lanes in one direction, and one in the other, in an alternating pattern);
  • construction of four road junctions (two at the intersection with the former national road No 8, and the remaining junctions crossing regional roads No 484 and 485);
  • reconstruction and expansion of sections of municipal, district and regional roads;
  • construction and reconstruction of access roads, internal roads, pedestrian routes, road culverts and drainage;
  • construction of three flyovers above the ring road and six flyovers as part of the ring road (including one animal passage);
  • construction of a bridge as part of the ring road, to span the river, municipal road and internal roads;
  • installation of equipment for traffic safety, environment protection, lighting and reconstruction of the existing technical infrastructure.

The ring road will reduce transit traffic in the city centre and will enable smoother traffic along the Wrocław–Warsaw section of national road No 74 (formerly national road No 8). The road will pass through the following towns: Ludwików, Domiechowice, Ławy, Zawady, Kałduny, Dobrzelów, Helenów and the western outskirts of Bełchatów.
Budimex will have 19 months for complete implementation of the investment, counting from the date of signing the contract, excluding winter periods (from 15 December to 15 March).