Coastal defence works to the east of Darłowo Harbour

News date: July 10, 2015

The investment has been deemed the greatest in the post-war history of Poland with regard to the coastal defence works. Its net value reaches nearly PLN 76 million.
Scope of performed works:

  • construction of stormwater embankment with the length of 830 m on which an inspection road (made of prefabricated road slabs) has been built. From the side of the sea and Kopań lake the embankment has been secured with filtering stops, and additionally from the side of the sea - enhanced with a riprap.
  • demolition of the existing breakwaters and constructions of new ones with the length of 1.3 km, 100-120 m from the coastline. The total area of the development is approx. 26 thousand 600 square meters. The breakwaters have been also reinforced with three rows of tetrapods.
  • construction of shoreline groins made of wooden piles embedded in the bottom, at an approx. 7 km section and at the length of approx. 110 m offshore.

The coastal defences will prevent erosion of the beach and cause its regeneration. The new stormwater embankment will in turn allow to preserve the continuity of the sand bar of the coastal lake Kopań.
The investment was appreciated by the jury of the Construction of the Year 2014 competition and won the 1st-grade prize in the category of the Individually Assessed Construction Facilities.