Budimex will construct a new headquarters

News date: June 26, 2017
Budimex will construct a new headquarters

On the 26 June this year, Dariusz Blocher concluded a contract with LC Corp Invest XVII sp. z o.o. Projekt 22 sp. k. for execution of the “WOLA RETRO” project, which will house the new headquarters of Budimex SA. The construction site is located at the crossroads of Skierniewicka and Siedmiogrodzka streets in the Warsaw’s district of Wola.


The project encompasses construction of a new office facility with a retail part and an underground car park with the usable area of 13 thousand sq. m. An existing office and storage building will be reconstructed as well.


The land intended for the project is currently being developed. A pre-war building with four over-ground floors and one underground floor, entered into the municipal register of monuments of the capital city of Warsaw, is located on the land plot. It will be retrofitted and adapted to modern standards, including restoration of the old façade according to conservator’s guidelines. Light façades with large windows varying in width were designed. The widened embrasures will act as “brise soleil”, respectively decreasing energy gains in summer, which shall decrease the demand for power for cooling office spaces. An entirely glazed, two-storey entrance hall, which clearly marks entrance to the building, is located from the yard side. After completion of works, this part of the project will gain 4.7 thousand sq. m. of usable area.


Further in the plot, behind the existing building, the “WOLA RETRO” office and retail complex will feature construction of a new building with an L-shaped plan and a varying height - 9 and 14 floors. The space between the old and the new building will be occupied by an open yard. The total for-rent area of the constructed office complex will equal to 24.5 thousand sq. m.


The works are planned to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2019.


The contract value amounts to PLN 125.02 million net, of which PLN 84.06 million of the fixed amount and PLN 40.95 million of the variable part, depending on the scope of works.