Budimex will build the ring road of Ostróda

News date: June 15, 2015
Budimex will build the ring road of Ostróda

On 15 June 2015, the consortium of Budimex (95 per cent, leader) and Ferrovial Agroman (5 per cent) signed with the Olsztyn Branch of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways a contract for the construction of the S7 express road from Miłomłyn – Olsztynek, sub-section Ostróda Północ – Ostróda Południe in the course of the S7 with the construction of Ostróda’s ring road in the course of national road No 16. The net value of the contract is PLN 1.072 billion.

The works include the construction of:

  • a 9.7 km section of the dual carriageway (beginning before Ostróda and ending in Górka, road with two double lanes);
  • the ring road of Ostróda – a fast traffic trunk road, 8.7 km long, in the course of national road No 16 (the ring road to begin in Ornowo, at the intersection with national road No 15, and to end near the Ostróda Południe junction, road with two double lanes);
  • two road junctions:

- Ostróda Północ – at the intersection with Ostróda – Łukta – Dobre Miasto voivodeship road No 530 (the junction will provide all turning relations);
- Ostróda Południe – at the junction of the planned ring road of Ostróda (national road No 16) and existing national road No 7/16 in Górka, near the existing junction at the intersection of these two roads;

  • farm, maintenance and service roads;
  • 15 engineering structures, including four of special character:

- combined bridge over the Lake Pauzeński in the course of the S7 road, 343 m long, three-span,
- bridge-elevated slip road over the River Drwęca, crossing a nature reserve and a railway line (in the course of the S7), 561 m long, nine-span,
- over-pass at the intersection of roads No 7, 16 and 15, located at the Ostróda Południe junction, 80 m long,
- over-pass/extradosed-type bridge in the course of the S16, four-span, with the total span length of 677 m,
- three monolithic retaining walls up to 6 m high;

  • environment protection facilities, storm water drains, lighting;
  • reconstruction of the colliding technical infrastructure.

Budimex will have 20 months to complete the project (excluding winter periods between 15 December and 15 March). This is a second contract of the company for the construction of the S7 dual carriageway. In November 2014, Budimex signed a contract for building a 9.4 km section of this road between Miłomłyn and Ostróda.
The S7 dual carriageway is very important to Poland. Ultimately, it is to connect the northern regions of the country with the southern ones and to provide a link between the Gdańsk, Warsaw, Kielce and Kraków agglomerations.