Budimex Startup Challenge Competition – Green Edition

News date: November 18, 2021
Budimex Startup Challenge Competition – Green Edition

Since 2020, Budimex has been implementing the ESG strategy: E – Environmental, S – Social responsibility, G – Corporate governance. While implementing its investments, it fights every day to reduce its negative impact on the environment and climate. Budimex employees have already generated 200 ideas on how to modernise the construction industry in Poland.


The sky is the limit, so Budimex has started recruiting entrepreneurs for the Budimex Startup Challenge competition. Following the EU Green Deal policy, the first edition of the programme focusses on the green energy sector.


The Budimex Startup Challenge invites innovative entrepreneurs and young technology companies offering products, services and solutions in the areas of:


reduction of carbon footprint,

efficient waste management,

closed-cycle economy technologies, short-term and long-term energy storage,

generation of electricity and heat from RES,

as well as any other green solutions that could benefit the construction industry.


Startups participating in the competition will have the opportunity to test their innovative solutions in practice and conduct research in a professional business, production or service environment.


From among the submitted projects, the jury will select 10 entities that will be invited to participate and present their solutions during the final gala of the contest.


Budimex S.A. would like to invite innovators to participate in the contest – www.budimexstartupchallenge.pl.


The contest is not only about money prizes, but is also a chance for capital investment!