Budimex – general contractor for Monopolis in Łódź

News date: February 14, 2018
Budimex – general contractor for Monopolis in Łódź

We will complete the first stage of the flagship Virako project – a multifunctional Monopolis complex in Łódź.


Monopolis will be built in the historic space of the Łódź Vodka Monopoly dating back to 1902. The facility is located at the junction of the two major streets – al. Piłsudskiego and ul. Kopcińskiego.


In the first stage, apart from modern office spaces, various commercial spaces will be created such as restaurants, coffee shops or a theatre – these will be housed in historic buildings. A museum dedicated to the history of the former Polmos factory and vodka production technology will be an important part of Monopolis. The investment land will also contain spaces dedicated to the youngest part of Łódź population – a care centre with activities for children and youth as well as a playground. Later during the project, additional office spaces with rooms intended for a kindergarten and other commercial facilities will be created in two new buildings.


The construction will start in February 2018 and will be completed in mid-2019.


Monopolis will cover over 29,000 sq. m of work space – 24,000 sq. m of office space and 5,400 sq. m for services.


The investment will be BREEAM-certified. According to the certification requirements, all the technological and construction solutions used in Monopolis aim at creating a comfortable and friendly work environment, optimizing operational costs and limiting the negative impact on the natural environment.