Budimex wins first place in the Top Brand ranking

Budimex wins first place in the Top Brand ranking

Budimex has taken first place in the Top Brand 2019 ranking for the construction industry, organised by the prestigious Press monthly. In 2019 the value and strength of the Budimex brand in the media was double that of Skanska, Strabag or Echo Investment. In the ranking of all brands present in Poland, Budimex took 62nd place, ahead of such companies as: Biedronka, ING Bank, Apple, Nike and Opel.

The authors of the ranking emphasize the very positive message about the Budimex brand in the passing year, combined with significant media coverage and numerous publications in the media, especially about such investment projects as: the Museum of Cursed Soldiers in Ostrołęka, construction of the Suwałki ring road, and commissioning of a research hospital in Białystok following its expansion. A lot of attention was paid to the construction of an energy-efficient office building in Kraków for Ghelamco Poland.

The top places in the ranking in 2019 were taken by such brands as: Gazeta Wyborcza, TVN, PGE, Audi and BMW.

The Top Brand ranking is based on the brand strength index, developed to enable comparison of brand images in the media as diverse as traditional press outlets, web portals and social media. The impact index was used to assess the estimated reach of the brand-related information, referring to the data from media coverage and information on the content consumption habits of the target audiences. The study also analysed the publication sentiment, which shows the share of positive, negative and neutral mentions in the total number of publications related to a specific brand.