Aktuálny výkaz č. 73 / 2020

Dátum: 30. decembra 2020 12:31

Granting exclusivity in the process of reviewing strategic options of the development segment

Further to current report No 42/2020 of 3 July 2020, report No 53/2020 of 28 August 2020, report No 57/2020 of 29 September 2020 and report No 68/2020 of 24 November 2020, the Management Board of Budimex SA (“Budimex”) informs that, as part of the process of identifying the market’s interest in the acquisition of shares of Budimex Nieruchomości sp. z o.o. (“Shares”), it has decided to grant exclusivity to the selected group of investors jointly submitting a bid. The entities that are being granted exclusivity are recognised and experienced entities operating in the Polish and European real estate market directly or in the form of capital investments.


The exclusivity is granted until 15 February 2021.


Budimex allows the possibility of cancelling the process leading to the conclusion of the transaction, in particular if the Parties fail to reach an agreement on the acquisition of Shares until the end of the exclusivity period or earlier. Budimex may also proceed to re-evaluate the other bids submitted in the process.


Budimex points out that the Share sale process is still at an early stage and the outcome of the negotiations conducted on the basis of the exclusivity and the likelihood of their positive completion are uncertain. Therefore, Budimex’s decision on granting the exclusivity does not mean abandoning the other strategic options referred to in report No 42/2020.


Budimex has decided to communicate to the public this confidential information regarding a stage of the protracted process due to its importance for the activities of Budimex SA, in particular as regards the areas of business.

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