Rules For Remote Work

Comply with the rules of cybersecurity for remote work, in particular:


1. Do not share business equipment (e.g. computer, phone) with third parties, including household members.


2. Lock your computer whenever you move away from it. To lock your computer:

  • in Windows, use: Windows logo key + L ;
  • in Mac Os, use: Command key + Control + Q;


3. Once the work is finished, hide the documents in a safe place.


4. Do not conduct business interviews in places that do not guarantee confidentiality, e.g. on a balcony or in an elevator. Do not throw paper documents into household bins. They should be destroyed in shredders or disposed of into special containers after coming back to work.


5. Have a security code set to unlock your smartphone.


6. Use your home wireless network only, use a company VPN (Pulse Secure).


7. External media such as memory sticks and portable disks must be encrypted.


8. Private media must not be connected to company equipment.


9. Sensitive data must not be sent without encryption. The password to open the files should be provided via SMS or phone call. Please remember that Budimex1 is a weak password.


10. You must not copy, store or save company documents on private devices.


Pay attention to emails you receive, do not open attachments and do not click on links if you are not sure who the sender is. Coronavirus is being used by criminals for phishing attacks.

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