Let’s keep our children safe on the road. Join us and help mark the most dangerous places!

News date: August 20, 2019
Let’s keep our children safe on the road. Join us and help mark the most dangerous places!

According to the Polish Road Safety Observatory, more than 600 minors under the age of 14 are killed every year in traffic accidents within the European Union. In Poland, there were 2,680 road accidents involving children in 2018 alone, with as many as 57 fatalities. In the case of the youngest accident victims, the most fatalities and injuries occur among vehicle passengers, but it must be noted that pedestrians and cyclists are often victims of accidents as well. Every three children that perishes in a traffic accident is on foot. This is precisely why it is so important to educate children about road safety from an early age. This task was undertaken by Budimex, who created HELLO ICE, a dedicated social programme addressed to primary school students, under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure.


Step 1 – Locating high-risk places

Budimex has created an interactive map on the programme’s website, www.helloICE.pl, which can be used by anyone to mark high-risk places. The website’s creators count on large-scale involvement of both parents and teachers in the project. The interactive map will be extremely helpful in locating any accident-prone “black spots”. The next step will be to work with the local authorities to develop solutions that will make these areas safe.


“The ‘Hello ICE’ programme is our response to the important needs of our communities that we observe every day. The world is changing rapidly, the number of cars is steadily increasing, and children walk around with smartphones in their hands and headphones on their ears more and more often. These days, they also drive electric scooters quite frequently, and this, as well as all of the above, make accidents more likely than ever before. That is why we want to teach children how to behave safely both on and off the road. We also want to involve as many as we can in helping us identify dangerous places near schools all over Poland and draw the attention of local authorities to these places to render them safe” – said Dariusz Blocher, CEO of Budimex S.A.


Sebastian Mila, a former football player who represented Poland numerous times, has become involved in promoting road safety among children as well.

“I know from personal experience just how easy it is to find yourself in a dangerous situation on the road and even suffer an accident. And that is why I decided to support the HELLO ICE programme. I encourage parents, legal guardians and everyone else to mark all dangerous places in their communities on our map. Because sometimes simple improvements, such as painting 3D pedestrian crossing stripes, or installing lighting or speed bumps is all it takes to save a life” – said Sebastian Mila.


Step 2 – learning through play

Apart from the interactive map, Budimex has developed plans for safety lessons that primary school teachers can use in class. The main character, present throughout all of these stories, is a friendly tiger called Budi. Not only will the children acquire all necessary knowledge about safety during these lessons, but they will also find learning about it entertaining. The activities were created in the form of various quizzes, educational tasks and guesswork games. In addition, Budimex will hold safety lessons at select schools that join the programme. Such lessons will take place once a month, between September and December. In addition, Budi will assist students in crossing the nearby pedestrian crossing, at which 3D stripes will be painted at the end of the programme. Children will also receive reflective ICE cards, which can be used to write down their guardian’s contact details. This will greatly increase the children’s visibility on the road and facilitate contacting their guardians if need be.


Step 3 – we appreciate your commitment - the grand finale

The grand finale of the HELLO ICE programme will be organising a “safety town” event with the programme ambassador, Sebastian Mila, at one of the schools participating in it. The school that will host the finale will be selected by Budimex based on the highest level of commitment to promoting safety rules among its students during the course of the programme.

Hello ICE is a new edition to the Domofon ICE programme, which has educated and equipped nearly 37,000 primary school students from grades I-III with reflective ICE (In Case of Emergency) cards. The programme has been used by Budimex to actively promote safety among students in Poland over the past 9 years.


The HELLO ICE programme operates under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure. The topic of child safety is very important in regard to the scope of activities conducted by the Minister himself. This special distinction, awarded to Budimex, clearly shows the unique nature of the HELLO ICE programme, as well as its great importance to the national infrastructure.

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Budimex is included in the WIG-ESG Index, which has been replaced by the Respect Index, in force until the end of 2019.

Understanding for Safety
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We are an active participant in an initiative for improving the level of safety in the construction sector – “Agreement for Construction Safety”. Together with the other beneficiaries of the Agreement, we take actions aiming at establishing a culture of safety, raising awareness on the existence of threats related to working on a construction site – and consequently, eliminating risk. We are striving to reach a common goal – “0” accidents.

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