Social programmes

Budimex is involved two own social programmes

“Domofon ICE” [ICE Entryphone] was initiated in 2010, its main idea being to equip pupils from grades 0–3 with plastic cards containing data which helps – in case of unfortunate events – to make contact with their next of kin. The campaign also has a broad educational aspect as it promotes the rules of safe behaviour on the road and first aid among young people. All children covered by the programme receive a card in the shape of a mobile phone with a reflective pouch that can be easily attached to a backpack.

The aim of the “Parent Zone” social programme, on the other hand, is the creation of separate zones in hospital paediatric wards, where parents may accompany their ill children in decent conditions. Depending on the needs and conditions in individual hospitals, we arrange unused rooms or parts of the corridor, equip the hospital with an adequate number of folding beds or sanitary equipment or arrange a place to relax and have fun with the kids. The “Parent Zone” also stands for personal commitment of Budimex SA employees, who volunteer in furnishing the renovated rooms, helping to assemble and arrange furniture and perform minor finishing works.



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