Responsible Business (CSR)

We want our responsible actions to bring benefits to future generations

The purpose of any business is to make money. However, different companies’ activities affect not only the business sphere but also various aspects of social life. Being one of the largest construction companies in Poland, we are not only aware of the influence that we exert on our environment, but we believe that we should use our potential to achieve important social objectives not directly related to our business.



CSR Policy

It describes actions aimed at sustainable development of Budimex addressed to employees of the organisation and its external environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) comprises all voluntary actions that go beyond the legal requirements and bring benefits to stakeholders and the company’s environment. Taking socially responsible actions requires an understanding of their long-term character.  They should benefit, or at least not harm, our future generations (e.g. an action taken to protect the environment now has an impact on the conditions in which people will live in the future; programmes that educate children can affect their behaviour in adulthood, etc.).  The concept of social responsibility is associated with the concept of sustainable development, which assumes that the company-conducted business activity cannot focus solely on economic results. This is because it needs to integrate economic, social and environmental aspects.


The concept of sustainable development is not an additional option to be found in core business, but a way to manage the company which can bring specific and measurable benefits of strictly business nature, e.g.:

  • become a tool for managing social and environmental risk and contribute to stabilisation of unforeseen costs
  • help to optimise processes and, consequently, the costs
  • social and environmental aspects may become an element of competitive advantage, the significance of which is possible to create in
  • the brand image and corporate culture area
  • provide a chance to reduce the cost of capital by increasing investor interest in the company’s ethical values


Moreover, systematic and rational management of relationships with individual stakeholder groups will not only allow to identify potential problems in advance, and to avoid them before they occur, but also to assemble different, sometimes conflicting, opinions and interests of individual groups and to aim for optimum solutions following these opinions and interests.


Implementation of the sustainable development concept comes from the assumption of Budimex’s desire to ensure that awareness of corporate social responsibility pervades all business processes at the company and that CSR becomes a component of the Budimex business strategy. This is possible to achieve, among others, by identifying all Budimex stakeholders and through honest and open dialogue with them.


Identified stakeholder groups:

  • employees
  • trade union
  • shareholders and stock market investors
  • Ferrovial – strategic investor
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • subcontractors
  • students / technical higher education institutions
  • scientists / technical scientific organisations
  • banks
  • local communities within Budimex investment project boundaries (residents / local authorities)
  • media, public opinion

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Budimex is included in the WIG-ESG Index, which has been replaced by the Respect Index, in force until the end of 2019.

CSR goals / strategy for 2021 - 2023
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As part of its CSR policy Budimex sets medium-term objectives, approved and regularly monitored by the CSR Committee.

Understanding for Safety
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Porozumienie dla bezpieczeństwa

We are an active participant in an initiative for improving the level of safety in the construction sector – “Agreement for Construction Safety”. Together with the other beneficiaries of the Agreement, we take actions aiming at establishing a culture of safety, raising awareness on the existence of threats related to working on a construction site – and consequently, eliminating risk. We are striving to reach a common goal – “0” accidents.