Current report no 53 / 2020

Date: August 28, 2020 2:12 PM

Information on the expected date of completion of the review of strategic options of the developer segment

In reference to current report No 42/2020 of 3 July 2020, the Management Board of Budimex SA (“Budimex”) announces that it selected an external strategic advisor and, on 28 August 2020, it concluded an agreement with Santander Bank Polska S.A. – Santander Biuro Maklerskie (“Advisor”). The Advisor’s task will be to support Budimex in the process of reviewing strategic options of the developer segment and, possibly, to support Budimex in the implementation of the selected strategic scenario.


In accordance with the preliminary schedule for the review of strategic options developed by Budimex and the Advisor, the review should be completed no later than by 30 June 2021.


Within the framework of the strategic option review, a market analysis and identification of the interest of potential investors will be carried out. On the basis of the results of these activities, Budimex will decide on further steps in the process, which should take place by 30 November 2020.


The above-mentioned dates are indicative and have been set in the current market and economic conditions.


Budimex has decided to communicate this information to the public due to its importance for the activities of Budimex SA, in particular as regards the areas of business.

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