Current report no 42 / 2020

Date: July 3, 2020 10:15 AM

Decision to start the process of reviewing strategic options for its real estate segment

The Management Board of Budimex SA ("Budimex") informs that on July 3, 2020 it has decided to start a process of reviewing the strategic options for real estate segment of Budimex Group.


As part of the review, Budimex intends to analyse scenarios covering, among others, the search for a significant investor or investors for the real estate activity (both minority and majority), concluding a strategic alliance with another entity, listing a company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (IPO). Moreover, Budimex plans to analyse the possibility of  diversifying the real estate activity into creating value based on assets. The above list of scenarios is not exhaustive and other scenarios not listed above can be also considered if they result from the review, not excluding divestment of assets.


Budimex has decided to start the process of selecting an external advisor from renowned companies, whose task will be to support the management board in the process of reviewing strategic options.


The result of the process may also be a decision not to change the current strategy for the real estate segment of Budimex Group.


Budimex has decided to disclose the above information to the public due to its importance for the operations of Budimex SA, in particular in the areas of its operations.

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