Current report no 60 / 2018

Date: September 12, 2018 12:26 PM

Conclusion of an annex to the guarantee facility agreement with STU Ergo Hestia SA

The Management Board of Budimex SA hereby informs that on 12 September 2018 the Company signed an annex to the Agreement concluded with STU Ergo Hestia SA on granting insurance guarantees within the assigned guarantee limit of 18 May 2009, of which the Company informed in its current reports: No 01/2011 of 4 January 2011, No 19/2011 of 22 March 2011, No 09/2012 of 1 February 2012, No 18/2013 of 25 March 2013, No 96/2014 of 3 December 2014, No 36/2016 of 16 May 2016 and No 60/2016 of 24 August 2016 as well as 2/2018 of 1 February 2018.


As agreed in the Annex, during the period up to 31 July 2019, the total guarantee amount for all guarantees issued under the Agreement shall not exceed PLN 600,000,000. Under the terms of the aforementioned agreement, the previous guarantee limit was PLN 400,000,000.


All other provisions of the agreement shall remain unchanged.


The value of the agreement exceeds the threshold of PLN 127,386,000.

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Shareholdership structure as on 18.06.2020

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