Current report no 40 / 2017

Date: May 29, 2017 4:10 PM

Execution of works for the modernisation of the railway line No 7 along the Otwock-Lublin section – signing of the contract with the consortium of Mostostal Kraków S.A., PKP Energetyka SA and Schweerbau GmbH&Co. KG Bauunternehmen

The Management Board of Budimex SA announces that on 29 May 2017 the consortium of Mostostal Kraków (a wholly subsidiary of Budimex SA) – the leader of the consortium (the share increased from 45% to 77.50%), PKP Energetyka SA — consortium partner and Schweerbau GmbH&Co.KG Bauunternehmen — consortium partner signed a contract with PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA for the execution of the works on the railway line No 7 Warszawa Wschodnia Osobowa – Dorohusk, along the section: Warszawa-Otwock-Dęblin-Lublin Phase I – in the scope of a partial order B – execution of the modernisation on the railway line No 7 along the Otwock–Lublin (Pilawa–Dęblin) section in km 55.600-km 107.283. The Company announced that the Employer chose the consortium bid as the most advantageous one in the current report No 15/2017 of 13 March 2017.


According to the concluded contract:

Contract value: PLN 597,410,754.55 net.


Works commencement date: within 4 months from the signing of the contract.

Works completion date: 22 months from the works commencement date.

Guarantee period: 72 months Warranty period: 72 months

Advance payment: 10% of the Gross Contract Value.


Payment: within 30 days from the date of receipt by the Employer of a valid invoice in accordance with the annexed Interim Payment Certificate and acceptance certificates.

Bank performance bond: 10% of the Accepted Gross Contract Value.


Contractual penalties paid by the Contractor:

 - For failure to timely execute a determined Phase for each day of delay: 0.02% of the value of Works covered by the Phase (instead of the penalty, the Contractor may submit a Bank Guarantee and in the case of completing the whole Project on time, the penalty may be annulled);

 - For failure to submit and/or commencing Works without the Quality Assurance Programme on time and within the scope — in the amount of PLN 5,000.00 for each day of delay;

- For failure to submit a Progress Report for the works: PLN 2,000 for each day of the delay; - For commencing the works without the approved Quality Assurance Programme, the Temporary Traffic Organisation Plan: PLN 5,000 for each day of irregularity;

- For commencing the works without the approved Temporary Traffic Organisation Regulations or for conducting the work contrary to the Regulations: PLN 5,000 for each day of irregularity;

- For failure to safeguard the work site in compliance with the guidelines: PLN 10,000 for each day of irregularity;

- For failure to submit the Time Schedule, for the lack of the update of the Time Schedule, for failure to include the Engineer’s comments: PLN 5,000 for each day of the delay;

- For failure to keep the deadline to rectify defects specified in the Work Acceptance Certificate: 1% of the gross value of the individual works which the fault pertains to for each day of delay;

- For failure to keep the deadline to rectify a fault/defect during the fault reporting period within a deadline set forth by the Ordering Party: PLN 1,000 for each commenced hour of the delay;

- For the default in submitting the Insurance Policy document or proof of premium payment: PLN 40,000 for each day of the delay;

- For the need to use the replacement signals following to the extension of the works due to the contractor’s fault: PLN 10,000 for each day;

- For commissioning works with unapproved subcontractors or for failure to submit the subcontractor’s agreement draft to the Employer for approval thereof: PLN 20,000 for each instance;

- For failure to timely submit the copy of the subcontracting agreement or its amendment or for submitting a Subcontractor’s Agreement that is not in conformity with the provisions: PLN 10,000 for each day of delay;

- For failure to amend the payment deadlines in the subcontractor’s agreements: PLN 10,000 for each such instance;

- For the absence or for the untimely payment to the Subcontractors: PLN 25,000 for each instance; - If the Employer founds that works are performed in a way that endangers human life or health or if the Contractor or persons working on its behalf grossly violate the Occupational Health and Safety, fire protection regulations provided for in the applicable laws as well as for failure to observe provisions of the Contract pertaining thereto: in the amount established according to the “Tariff” constituting Appendix No. 5 to the Ibh-105 Instructions: from PLN 10 to 30 thousand;

- For withdrawal from the Contract by the Employer out of reasons attributable to the Contractor: 30% of the Accepted Contract Value less the value of Conditional Amount and the replacement transport costs. 


The total value of calculated penalties shall not exceed 30% of the Accepted Contract Value less the Conditional Amount and replacement transport costs specified in the Works Bill of Quantities. 

Contractual penalties do not prejudice the Ordering Party’s right to seek damages exceeding liquidated damages provided for in the contract, in accordance with general principles, including those resulting from the loss of EU funding, if the loss of this funding was for reasons attributable to the Contractor.  


The value of the contract exceeds the threshold of PLN 111,446 thousand.

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