Budimex akademie

Free workshops for students of technical universities

Budimex Academy is a popular and recognizable free-of-charge educational initiative which we launched in the spring of 2009. It consists of a series of professional workshops addressed to students of construction studies at the renowned Polish technical universities. Training includes the use of modern technologies and advanced solutions in civil and transport engineering, discussed based on the example of contracts executed by the BUDIMEX Group.




The knowledge that we want to impart is the result of many years of experience of Budimex Group employees and is directly linked to investments we execute. We hope that the shared skills will contribute to the development of students competencies and prepare them for future professional challenges. We want engineers educated at the largest Polish universities to be competitive in the labour market. We know that current students will soon play a key role in the development of the construction industry in Poland and worldwide. With this in mind we undertook to perform educational and training activities in the academic environment – says Dariusz Blocher, the President of Budimex SA.


During the annual series of meetings each student can benefit from the expertise shared by Budimex employees.

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Questions regarding internships can be sent to the e-mail: praktyki@budimex.pl