Recruitment process

Step one

Candidates may apply for a specific job by sending their CV and cover letter or registering in our candidates database using the application form.


Step two

After having analysed the application, we contact the selected candidates who are invited to an interview.


Step three

The job interview is run by an HR employee.  The candidate will be asked about, among others, their professional achievements and future plans. We try to get to know them well and assess their aptitude towards the particular position. This meeting is also an opportunity for candidates to learn more about the company as well as obtain information on the proposed position and responsibilities.


Step four

Contact with all those who have participated in the interview. We notify those who make it to the next step and the rest are thanked for participating in the recruitment process.


Step five

Meeting and interview with the immediate supervisor.


Step six

Contact with a selected candidate and job offer.


What we value the most?

In our recruitment process we consider the professional experience, approach to work as well as personality traits of each candidate. We find professionals who derive satisfaction from the tasks entrusted to them, identify themselves with the company and develop their skills and talents to be the most valuable.


We most willingly recruit people with professional experience in the specialisations we seek, but due to our rich development programme for young employees we are equally willing to employ graduates of technical universities giving real opportunities for promotion and effective professional growth for the best.

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If you do not see the right offer for you at this time, submit your application in our database by completing a short online application form.

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