Murano Housing Development at Inflancka Street in Warsaw

Description of the project

Implementation of the comprehensive scope of work stage 1 and 2 of a residential and retail complex including the infrastructure and underground garages. The apartments were built at Pokorna and Inflancka streets in Warsaw. The development consists of a complex of rowhouse units of seven to eight floors above the ground and one or two underground storeys. The project site is not fenced, but the overall design clearly separates the private and the public space. External façades are decorated with rosettes made of natural stone, and the apartments at the Stawki Street side are crowned with an 18-floor glass tower. The rowhouse units are equipped with the first-class passenger lifts. Residents have access to a closed garden surrounded by buildings with three playgrounds. Inside, between the rowhouse units, in an area of about 1 ha, a recreational area was developed and a fountain with feature lighting was constructed. The design was awarded the 1st prize in the “the Construction of the Year 2012” competition. The total net value of the project was PLN 275 million.

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Full name
Murano Housing Development at Inflancka Street in Warsaw
Start date
May 2007
End date
November 2012
Pokorna 2, 01-040 Warszawa
General construction
Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.