EDF Poland CHP Gdynia

Description of the project

BUDIMEX SA is implementing for EDF Poland SA, a project that involves the design and implementation of boiler on reserve-peak providing full coverage of the heat demand in the heating season.

The boiler plant will be fired with light fuel oil and will replace the currently operating boiler fired with heavy fuel oil. The installation will be located in a new building on the area of the CHP Gdynia at ul. Pucka. The existing heavy fuel oil handling plant will be modernised for the needs of the planned peak boiler plant.
As part of the project, BUDIMEX SA will design and execute a new boiler house with all the connections, modernise the existing heavy fuel oil pumping station to adapt it to the new fuel, and will construct a 1,500 m3 tank for light oil. The net value of the project is PLN 27.5 million and the completion date is June 2016.

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Full name
EDF Poland CHP Gdynia
Start date
December 2015
End date
in progress
Pucka 118, 81-154 Gdynia
Energy projects
EDF Poland SA