Central Sewage Treatment Plant Poznań

Description of the project

The contract included the implementation of a group of facilities along with related systems, expansion of biogas desulphurization unit, gasifier station along with the extension of the existing switching station and sludge drying station. The works also included the construction of one gas tank (5,000 m3), necessary networks, sludge containers storage yard, discharge pipeline to the Central Sewage Treatment Plant and two new 560 m3 sludge tanks for the Central Sewage Treatment Plant. The total net value of the project was PLN 130 million.

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Full name
Central Sewage Treatment Plant Poznań
Start date
February 2005
End date
March 2007
Gdyńska 1, 62-028 Koziegłowy
Environmental protection
Sewage and sanitation
City of Poznań Greenery Management

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