Zabłocie – Kraków Krzemionki connecting line commissioned

News date: December 11, 2017
Zabłocie – Kraków Krzemionki connecting line commissioned

The connecting line between the Kraków Zabłocie and Kraków Krzemionki stops built by Budimex SA and Ferrovial Agroman SA has been commissioned. First regular trains started to use the connecting line on the effective date of the new timetable.

The connecting line was under construction from September 2015. The scope of civil works included the track system reconstruction for railway lines and the construction of a new line routed via railway viaducts between Kraków Zabłocie and Kraków Krzemionki passenger stops. The above scope also includes the teconstruction of: passenger stops (Kraków Zabłocie, Kraków Krzemionki), roads, overhead contact line, electrical and power devices, railway traffic control devices, telecommunication cables, water and sewage networks, heating networks, and gas networks. The total cost of investment amounted to PLN 190 million net.

The construction of the Kraków Zabłocie – Kraków Krzemionki connecting line enabled the trains to directlyu follow the route from Kraków Główny to Skawina and further on to Oświęcim and Zakopane. The stops at the Kraków Płaszów station to change the direction of travel will no longer be necessary. This will decrease travel time from Kraków to Zakopane by a quarter and streamline the traffic of urban trains running towards Zakopane, Skawina and Oświęcim.

The investment is one of important elements of retrofit of the Kraków railway node and will contribute to the extension and improvement of the transport offer as well as improve the attractiveness of railway transport in the Kraków urban area. The connecting line is one of crucial elements of the National Railway Programme and is of national importance, for it will serve passengers from the entire country.